Healthy Eating

By changing just a couple of your eating habits and eating a variety of foods you can get more of the vital nutrients your body needs while achieving or coming closer to your 5 A DAY fruit and vegetables target, and lower your calorie intake.

The Key to healthy eating is to eat a variety of foods in the right amounts from the four main food groups:

  • Bread, cereals and potatoes
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Meat, fish and alternatives
  • Milk and dairy

See below for further information or start improving your health today by booking your free appointment with a  Health Trainer.


Mobile Food Unit

Mobile Food Unit – call 020 7150 8214 for further information including local cook and eat sessions and a new mobile food unit which will visit different community venues


Change4Life – if you’re interested in receiving more information on helping your children to stay fit and healthy, sign up to Change4Life to receive a free information pack with tips on exercise and healthy eating recipes. Register at or call 0300 123 1044

Your Weight your life

Your Weight your life – take a look at the Department of Health’s Your Weight, Your Life leaflet for further information on healthy eating.

5 A Day

5 A Day – Eating five portions of fruit and veg a day forms part of a healthy, balanced diet, and getting your 5 A DAY is easier than you think. The NHS 5 A Day website can tell you all you need to know about why eating 5 A Day is important and how you can make your eating a lot more healthy:

Healthy eating self-assessment

Healthy eating self-assessment Do you really know what eating healthily means? Find out whether you’re a healthy eater or could improve your eating patterns.

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